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Allow me to introduce to you J-List. This Japanese e-store is one of the funkiest sites online and the perfect place to pick out a unique and fun gift. Being as everything is exported by J List from Japan you're not going to be seeing anything here in your local malls. You'll find cool stuff with funny names like Feng Shui Hidamari no Tami and Domo-kun, two popular mascot like figures in Japan.

Maybe you've been interested in learning the Japanese language but never known where to start. J-List offers some great beginners tools to master elementary Japanese language skills. Flash cards and text lessons that are actually fun and designed more for the Western crowd are touted as being the fastest and easiest way of learning a new language, and J List offers these. If you could find these in your local library you'd be set, but as it is J-List is one of the only places you can find them.

And if adult toys, uniforms and half naked anime figurines aren't what you're looking for I bet a good photobook of China Fukunaga is just what you had in mind. J-List has a huge selection of high quality Japanese Idol photobooks available. Head on over and search the site to...
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